Our Mission and purpose in christ

Win Souls for Christ

At the very heart of any good ministry, is Christ's call to win souls, and to spread his Gospel of love and redemption.

Help other ministries

God laid upon our hearts early on that we were to connect with, and assist other ministries, fellow brothers and sisters in the trenches.

Pray unceasingly

God wants our prayer at all times. So praying unceasingly is an important aspect to him.

Glorify God

So much of our lives as forgiven sinners has been spent on this earth doing the opposite. It's our distinct blessing to make up for lost time.

Provide Resources

As Christians we can all use a little help. Sometimes we could use a lot of help. We feel the call to provide as much of that as possible.


Everything we do should be worship, and although its last in this list, it is the cornerstone of our ministry.


Getchablesson - our prayer

God use this podcast, SoMuchBless, to bless others, and to increase your word out in the world. Use our brothers and sisters in Christ who are daily doing battle for souls to be brought back to you. Fulfill in us daily, the desire to be like Daniel coming to you as sinners redeemed from the broken road to show your grace to those in need of forgiveness and redemption. In Christ Jesus' name, we claim and pray this. Amen

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