Human Garbage


A recent post on social media is often the way a lot of my blog posts begin. This post is no different. While going through a post recently in a Facebook group, I saw a comment about a denomination and their struggle with a race-related issue at the very highest levels of their leadership. It prompted one group member to comment that these people were "human garbage."


Not one to let a sleeping dog lie (a trait that has bitten me squarely in the hinter parts in the past) I replied that these people were not human garbage, but were rather people who were deeply loved by Jesus, to the point of dying on the cross for them.


This poster continued working through the understanding that because of the perceived racism of their actions (and it was very easy to perceive it as such), they were human garbage. They went on to assert that I could call them whatever I like, but that didn't change the fact that racism was bad.


Look, racism is awful, and especially as I write this on Juneteenth, we should all be well aware of that fact by now. But it isn't the issue here for me,


Christians eating their own is the issue.


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Roland Millington

Roland Millington is a United Methodist Church pastor serving Brimfield United Methodist Church in Brimfield, IL. He's the author of two books available digitally through our store, or as hard copies through LuLu Publishing.

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