Fiercely & Well: Fixed Layout Edition

$2.99 each

Just what do you do when everything seems to be going sideways and you could use a little pep talk to get back in the game? Easy! You go to the word and look at the examples of others around you. In our latest release, Fiercely And Well, author Roland Millington takes you through a 28-day journey with an additional day rounding it all out. Laid out in an easy-to-follow, color-coded 4-week format, you'll take time to understand who God is to you, His great love for you, the promises He has fulfilled in the past and the discoveries of his blessing for you in your future. 

Fiercely And Well is a journey out of discouragement and into empowerment, rooted in scriptural references about God's people in tough times, with some real talk about how they responded and what you can learn from them. With a sidebar indicator for your day, Fiercely And Well also includes a full-color image illustrating that day's devotion, and some starter highlights for you to focus on throughout the day. 

We hope this book blesses you and brings you back to the understanding that God loves you both Fiercely And Well.

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