A Full Measure, Pressed Down

To us, God is a God of abundance. Our lives have been filled with
unfaithfulness in the past, and we've discovered how his resultant
lack of abundance in our lives has lead us down a Broken Road.

But it has also brought us together, and through His redemption
we have come to find an abundant love that we never thought 
possible, let alone ever thought we would have. 

The story

The story behind SoMuchBless is a simple one. When Sarah and Roland met, they both had been through a lot of tough relationships. Roland had been married twice and was finalizing a divorce, and Sarah had been divorced for some time. What neither of them knew was how God would work through various situations in their lives to bring them together and form a ministry.

They didn't know what it would look like, or how it would work, but they trusted God to show them, and he didn't disappoint. As the two became deeper friends, they discovered a lot of common ground, and on one of their first dates in public, the two discovered how powerful of a pull that God had called them to minister. And nearly every time thereafter, when they met someplace, God turned it into an opportunity to minister and witness.

As God made it clear He was leading them to bigger things, he also made it clear he was leading them together. The two prayed a lot about this ministry as it was being knit together in God's plans, and felt God's call to create the podcast, and to put certain parameters on it, with a focus on redemption, winning souls for Christ, and obeying God in aspects of their lives through a recommittal of a deeper walk with Christ.

Why SoMuchBless?

SoMuchBless. Where did that come from? And why is it all crammed together? Well, that stems from God's promise with regards to tithing in Malachi 3, and is tied to Luke 6. God is a God of blessings. When He goes to bless someone, He does so out of an abundant heart we cannot possibly fathom the breadth of, and a stalwart love that we cannot imagine the depth of.

And that would be why SoMuchBless is more or less all one word. It's a full measure, pressed down, and shaken together and overflowing. And God has indeed blessed us with this type of blessing so far in our ministry.

God created a blessing in all our lives, and SoMuchBless is about that. All our blessings, not just Sarah and Roland's, although they are prominently featured here. God's direction to the two of them has always been to incorporate and network with as many people as possible to share the Bless, and have the Bless shared with them as well.

A full measure of bless, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing. That's what God has given Sarah and Roland, and what they feel they need to give back to God.

Where are we going?

The future.